iOS Development

Bee Wise Development is a full-service iOS app development company specialized in delivering high-quality and fully-functional iOS apps for the complete range of iOS devices, including iPad, watchOS, and iPhone app development.

iOS App Technology Expertise

  • Languages: Swift; Objective-C
  • Frameworks: Native SDK; CoCoa Controls; Cocos2D; Cocoa Touch;
  • Platforms: macOS Sierra, macOS Catalina
  • Development Tools: Xcode
  • Architecture: Clean Swift(VIP)
  • RESTful APIs
  • Creating Frameworks

Clean Swift: VIP Architecture

The Clean Swift architecture is derived from the Clean Architecture proposed by Uncle Bob. Clean Architecture encompasses the ideas of several other architectural approaches and says that an app’s architecture must be:

  • Independent from frameworks ‒The architecture should not rely on any library so that you can use frameworks as tools rather than having your system be driven by their limitations.
  • Testable ‒ Business logic should be tested without any external elements like interfaces, databases, or servers.
  • Independent from the interface ‒ The interface should be easy to change without changing the rest of the system. For example, the web interface should be able to be replaced with the console interface without having to change the business logic.
  • Independent from the database ‒ Business logic shouldn’t be tied to а specific databases.

Advantages of Clean Swift:

  • Find and fix bugs faster and easier.
  • Change existing behaviors with confidence.
  • Add new features easily.
  • Write shorter methods with single responsibility.
  • Decouple class dependencies with established boundaries.
  • Extract business logic from view controllers into interactors.
  • Build reusable components with workers and service objects.
  • Write factored code from the start.
  • Write fast and maintainable unit tests.
  • Have confidence in your tests to catch regression.
  • Apply what you learn to new and existing projects of any size.

Creating Frameworks

A framework is a modular and reusable set of code that is used as the building blocks of higher-level pieces of software.

The best reason to use frameworks is that they can be built once and be reused an infinite number of times!